Alexander Iyas

A collection of Iranian Photographs by Alexander Iyas, who was the Tsar’s consul in Persia between 1901-1914. The collection below are Persian Photographs taken between 1912 – 1914.

Alexander lvanovitch lyas was an officer in the Tsar’s Lithuanian Regiment, who arrived in Persia in 1901, in the small town of Turbat-i Haydari near the Afghan border. In 1912 he was appointed Consul in Soujbulak, a Kurdish town south of Lake Urmiyeh near Persia’s western border with Turkey. He was assassinated in Persia a few years later. Throughout his years in Persia he documented with remarkable photographs the places, people and events he encountered.
There are 15 numbered sets of 12 of these photographs, printed from the original negatives, which are owned by the Finnish Museum of photography in Helsinki. The prints use a mixture of new technology and traditional gum bichromate printing. All photographs are printed in Moscow by Boris Savelev, who is internationally renown for the quality of his work.

The cost for all 12 photographs is £4,000 or £350 per framed image. If sold as collection there are 2 additional frames with further information. All prints are 49 x 65 cm. Collection available from Norwich or delivery to be charged based on location.